All games starting at 6pm duration 18 ends     

For your use and information.  Would secretaries please ensure that players contact me to

confirm their availability and travel on day of match.
Graham Smith (NBA Secretary)

Sheets In By -Selection Meeting Date/Venue-Team-Match Date-Time-Venue

23rd April Caerleon 25th April East Mon B. A 5th May 6.00pm Monmouth

23rd April Caerleon TBC West Mon B. A. 12th May 6.00pm Beaufort

14th May Caerleon 16th May Rhymney & Sirhowy 9th June 6.00pm St Julians

11th June Caerleon 13th June South Mon B. A. 23rd June 6.00pm St Julians

25th June Caerleon 27th June Eastern Valley B. A. 7th July 6.00pm Panteg House

Invitation Chairmans Match NAC -  TBC Caerleon

NB. Selection meetings to take place Tuesday evenings at 7.00pm at the venues shown.

MBA KO CUP (Newport Clubs)


Next round - Fri 14th July