Match results from teams not arriving are required to produce the complete league table. 

Please keep the league sec. updated on all matches played as well as unplayed.

Recovering from Covid 19 pandemic. 

Due to the current Lockdown level being at level 3 which only allows 30 players on the green. Playing conditions only allow for 4 rinktriples to be played. It is hoped in a few week the Welsh Assembly Government will announce a move to Level 2 which will then allow 50 players on the green.

Covid 19 restrictions will still apply. Each Bowling Club should by now have appointed a Covid 19 Officer who requires to have undertaken the required training and passed the Tests. Each Club should have ensured that their premises and green are now fully Covid compliant, and all members fully aware of their responsibilities in relation to these. Clubs requires also to ensure that visiting Clubs are made aware of the restrictions which are in place at the hosting Club.

Currently the playing formats are for all fixtures WBA, MBA and NBA.

The only variance is the number of end to be played. Saturday matches are 18 ends, weekday evening matches are 15 ends, until further notice.

It has been arranged that the Inter Association matches held on a Friday evening will be 6 rinks of triples, playing 15 ends.

Latest Committee ruling. 24th May League matches from 1st June will change from triples on a rink to the normal four.